At CrossFit Thump we have a mantra, “Never sacrifice form for speed.” That means never! Not even in a WOD. We feel that you can catch up or speed up in different skills or movements in a WOD to get a great time without it having to be on an Olympic lift. We believe in strict form and safety for our members. In order to improve the caliber of our CrossFit, we offer a separate USAW class (free to the CF members) to improve their technique and form on the Olympic Lifts as well as increasing strength. Increasing strength is crucial to improving the quality of your CrossFit. In order to get stronger one has to have a very sound and efficient base in the Olympic Lifts. Great technique is paramount to getting strong. In order to reinforce great technique it takes repetition and work.

Participants in our program will:

  • Learn how to perform the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.
  • Learn how to perform the Power Snatch, Power Clean and Variations.
  • Perform related Squatting Variations, Pulling Variations and Overhead Pressing Variations.
  • Learn basic biomechanics and key positions of Weightlifting Technique.
  • Receive a beginner or intermediate lifters 12-week Weightlifting program.
  • The rationale for use of Olympic Weightlifting in training for Sport Performance is as follows-
  • Ground Based- create force by driving against the ground i.e. Triple extension.
  • Time Efficient- 1 exercise works multiple muscle groups, they are functional movements.
  • Full Body Development- develops kinesthetic awareness and increases muscle fiber diameter (hypertrophy).
  • Increases neural adaptations- improved intramuscular coordination (recruitment and frequency coding) and improved intermuscular coordination (synchronization).

Please Note- The USAW program at CF Thump is not exclusive to CrossFit members. It is for any registered member of USAW; we are an official registered USAW Club and welcome USAW athletes as well as CrossFitters.