Johnmichael Paul Daog

Crossfit Coach

J.M. has been doing CrossFit since the summer of 2011, he comes from a power lifting background, and is basically your typical gym rat. He discovered CrossFit and has never looked back since. He loves the elements in which CrossFits makes you a well balanced athlete. J.M loves the Olympic Weightlifting aspect of CrossFit so much he went out and got his USAW Level 1 Coaching Certification. He is currently studying for his NASM certification. Here at CrossFit Thump he is a Coach for the Thump Weightlifting Team and an Assistant Coach for Crossfit. J.M. has done several CrossFit Competitions at the RX Level. Since the start of his competitive career JM has added Strongman training into his regimen. These lifts add a more dynamic element to his Crossfit training. JM continues to study and continuously improve to better serve the Crossfit Thump members. What else can we say? Just that J.M loves to lift and be in the box 24/7/365.