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I would like to start by thanking you for considering to be a part of the Thump family. We are aware of the many choices you have in where you choose to train and we appreciate that you are thinking of Crossfit Thump to help you achieve your fitness goals. We truly love and enjoy coaching the many aspects of Crossfit, especially Olympic Weightlifting and do our very best in programming the workouts for you. At Crossfit Thump we have developed a USAW strength training program as well as a USAW class and offer both to members at no extra cost. All the coaches and myself are immersed in our work. We do not judge the success of Crossfit Thump by the amount of “elite” athletes that attend but rather in how many of you that we can help to meet your fitness goals and in how well we can teach you new skills. We do not exclude or segregate anyone in classes by ability, I have always just asked that you give me the best effort that you can, because “intensity” is relative to the individual. And as long as you put forth your best, you will sooner reap the benefits of training with us. We cultivate a supportive, family atmosphere, and encourage all to make friends and cheer each other on through our journey to each one of your goals.

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